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1 large chopped onion

1-2 garlic cloves

1tbsp ground cumin (also works great with careway seeds and onion seeds)

400g can chopped tomatoes

400g passata

can of each cannelini beans, red kidney beans and green beans

100g spinach (fresh or frozen)

Fry the onions and garlic until soft, add the spices, tomatoes and passata, cook for 10 min until thickens. Add the beans and spinach and simmer for further 10 minutes.

Tip: cook the night before and leave in a fridge to bring up the flavour. Try with a sprinkle of fresh dill.


Becoming vegetarian really helped to rediscover my passion for cooking. I’ve been cooking like crazy all week long. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Taking packed lunches to work also made me much happier (and hopefully long term richer).

But the best thing was trying all the new dishes. I really don’t want to survive on bread and pasta as many so-called vegetarians do, so I was trying to bring as much variety in my diet as possible. And it is so satisfying to see the recipes come together and taste so great!

I enjoy it so much that I even started a new tradition at work – “cooking Saturdays” – so one person is going to cook and bring some little snacks every Saturday, bet it’s a great team building exercise as well!

A new beginning

I had a rather productive day off today in keeping with my “birthday resolutions”.

I wasn’t up at 6, well I did open my eyes and looked at the clock, but then I remembered that it is my day off and I can afford a lazy morning.  So I got up at 7.

Checked my mail, watched an inspirational video, had berroca before breakfast for an extra kick. Then just as I was attempting the kitchen cleaning my flatmate (who got told off by me yesterday) started on a dishwashing so I decided to sort out my books and magazines instead. 20 minutes later I had everything organised in alphabetical order and whatever didn’t seem interesting ended up in a recycling bin. Rather proud of myself I allowed myself to have long relaxing breakfast of croissant and tea watching one of my favourite Frasier episode.

And then I went for a run. 2 mile run ended up being just over a mile and a half. I constantly keep reminding myself to run before breakfast… guess I am just too lazy, but running with the stomach that feels like it’s about to explode isn’t such a great fun. I was huffing and puffing before I even got to the park and when on the entry to the park I was chased by scary looking dog and screaming owner of it I just gave up and switched to a brisk walk. Still I managed to keep one of my resolutions!

Instead of a stretch I went for a quick yoga session in my living room: warrior I-IV, shoulder stand with variations, plough, head stand… even attempted to play with scorpion but bashed my leg on a chair. Space is still an issue even in a bigger apartment. So I keep saying to myself.

After yoga class – nutritious lunch of rice noodles and 3 bean casserole (see the recipe in appropriate section of the blog) followed by cooking of lunch for tomorrow (mushroom and potato patties) and quiet evening watching environmental documentaries and cross-stitching.

Full day, but relaxing day. Probably the most satisfying day off I had in ages!

Birthday Resolutions

Today was my birthday, and as usual on my birthday I was sad and depressed. But this year was different because i just came back from a Yoga Teacher Training Course in India which not only gave me a much needed rest and focus but also introduced a complete new philosophy that makes it so much easier for me to survive my bipolar dips.

I can now catch the tendencies and remind myself of all my achievements and all the precious moments I had in a passing year.  And so to avoid the pre-birthday depression next year I am making a list of things to do before my next birthday, so I can enter another year feeling proud of myself.

And as I turned 28 – the list is 28 tasks long

1. Practice Yoga 6 days a week starting tomorrow

2. Become a vegetarian (with the exception of home visits as I can’t just break my granny’s heart who is waiting for me to come home for a few weeks every year so she can cook for me)

3. Go running 3 times a week

4. Complete 10k run

5. Rent a yoga studio and start teaching classes

6. Double my current salary by November 2012

7. Learn to drive

8. Start every day with positive thought and meditation

9. Stop shopping for clothes and shoes unless absolutely necessary (and looking at my “stock levels” at the moment necessary won’t happen anywhere near next year)

10. Set up savings account and transfer £300 on it every month (which, providing I keep up with nr 9 shouldn’t be a problem at all)

11. Spend 2 weeks in Sivananda ashram in Kerala

12. Learn Spanish

13. Go to knitting group meetings to socialize

14. Stop drinking myself silly at parties

15. Set up my own yoga website

16. Call my friends and family more often

17. Be more open and trust people more

18. Not let work influence me on a personal level

19. Take a watercolour course

20. Complete 8 cross-stitch projects

21. Fix my tattoo

22. Learn to surf

23. See my friends in Dubai and Boston

24. Go rock-climbing in France

25. Grow my hair

26. Put make-up on every morning and not just when I feel like it (I know it seems stupid but I actually have to look good for work and most of the days I just can’t be bothered with it… sad but true)

27. Cycle to work more

28. Fast once a week

Some of the things here are big, and some are ridiculously insignificant, but they are all part of the bigger picture. And if you think you can do better – try to come up with 28 things to do next year. I bet you find it’s not that easy after the first 10 either.


Mr Arrogant took me out for lunch the other week, which is an event in itself since we barely even talk lately. But he was dropping me off home one day and said that we should go for a meal sometime “cause it’s not all about sex”. I didn’t believe it but couple of days later he invited me for lunch to fish restaurant in Borough market.
I never tried oysters before. I was staring suspiciously at the plate with 4 pale creatures swimming in their own juices. I imagined cold slime sliding down my throat and suddenly was no longer too keen on the whole idea. But taking first bite I have fallen in love!!! It was full of texture and flavour and was the best thing I ever tried. I am hooked!
Funny how sleeping with him despite being dirty and sick and wrong still managed to give me all those lovely experiences and good laughs and introduce me to better things in life. Ironic isn’t it?

Where the heart is…

It wasn’t the love from the first sight, we met and looked at each other with caution. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what to say, I felt awkward sitting on a deck chair eating my fish and chips and trying to protect my hair from blowing wind…

Second time we met two years later. I was older and was longing for this relationships. We looked into each other’s eyes and felt the need to be together, we recognised each other’s smell and our spirits became connected. We spent three days together and then I had to come back to my every day life thinking back at our meeting with great warmth and sorrow.

Another two years passed. I woke up at 5am and I took a long train journey just to be with you again. I was walking down the street and then I saw you there so beautiful and calm and I cried and I ran to you…


There is a magic to this little seaside town. There is something that always makes me feel like home. I am the crazy person walking up and down the beach and smelling the sea. I love the hippy feel about it, little art galleries, vegan cafes, people smiling on the street. Everyone happy, chilled, zen…

There is no other town in the world where in a little passage where two people don’t have enough space to pass each other there would be a little gallery showing a wall made of 400 real cast vaginas (trust me to find one of those).

There is no other tea shop like Mock Turtle that serves a meringue the size of a human head.

There is no other town where the main attraction is half-ruined old pier sticking out of the water like giant concrete sea-monster.

All the towns I traveled to have special place in my memory but Brighton is where my heart is and always will be.

Back in action

Oh Dear, it’s been a long time since I had a minute to blog. I am forever grateful to all of those people who maintained a steady flow to the blog I will reward you with some fun stories (there’s been a few in a last month).

I’ve been such a busy little girl. Still training for running, which is rather fun and gets easier every time (I had to miss today because of the nasty flu I picked up from somewhere last night), teaching yoga, which has been a real fun and all my girls are really enjoying it. It’s giving me such a buzz and makes me see yoga in a completely different way.

I’ve also been to Brighton and saw some really nice stuff (like a Vagina Wall and Ladyboys of Thailand), I have been climbing on a real rock for the very first time. I had sex at the back of the Borough Market and got caught,  I had a fight with Flash and I nearly blubbered to Mr. Arrogant about this blog. I also got a pay rise and a very attractive job offer.. all to be revealed in the following week.

Thank’s for being so patient!

Spiritual enlightnment

I am getting all excited about yoga again. I am thinking this is mainly to the fact that other areas of my life are on hold at the minute so I am looking for substitute. But this is only partially the reason. Actually I am not entirely sure what the reason would be… it’s like something is guiding me and telling me that there is a purpose to my life and everything I have done and experienced so far was only a preparation for a real thing.

I really want to be a teacher. I really want to carry the knowledge into the world. I know that I can make things better for every individual person as well as for the whole of community. And the fact that everything seems to fall into place without much effort on my part seems like a good sign.

Of course there are still days when I don’t feel like it. And of course my body is a long way from where I want it to be, but this is a thing that I love the most about yoga – you don’t have to be bendy or stretchy or strong. You don’t have to be anything! You can just relax and enjoy the journey and see where your practise takes you tomorrow, or next week or in 5 years time!

I am so looking forward to the trip to India and I know it is going to change my life for the better. It’s not going to be easy but I have had it hard in a past and this is a challenge that I am willing to accept. Some may say that it is crazy to change my life completely at the age of 28, give up 10 years of professional growth just at the point when I am actually reaping the fruit of my labour… yeah, I thought it was pretty crazy too. But I know that yoga is going to give me so much more and this is going to be for life. I never felt so strongly about anything!

Haven’t been running for a while cause my knee’s been playing up. Had to buy myself sexy knee brace and recovery socks. Recovery socks are actually pretty cool. I even had a cheek to wear them with boots and a dress for a ranch-girl  look (minus the hat) which was very sweet.  And they really help with long standing hours at work. So all over brilliant. Shame they didn’t have them in white. Those socks would look super cool with high heel sandals and white cotton dress. I think I will post some pictures when I wear them next. About time to brighten up my blog!

On a running front all seem to be getting easier even after the long break (hey, you’ve got to recover sometimes right?). So I would imagine I’d be able to run 5k by the end of next week. The girls at work haven’t even started training yet, so I am well ahead of them. Just please God do not let me have an injury.

Funny thing happened at work today. I was covering up at my old place and I had one of my regular clients come in. I’ve known him for almost a year. He is this gorgeous half persian half american 38 year-old-ex-male-model-turn-designer guy. He has a girlfriend whom he is madly in love with and who is 16 years younger than he is (and probably is a model as well). He comes to see me once a month and we always have a good laugh. he is really sweet guy to the point when his personality actually outweighs his looks. I never fancied him, just always thought about him with great warmth. He usually gives me a kiss and a cuddle before leaving (seemed strange to start off with but I am used to it now). So today he was strangely physical with me. Firstly I took him to the treatment room and we were chatting about last month when I had to miss our appointment because I was sick. I was about to leave room to let him get ready when he grabbed me by the hand saying something along the lines of : now you feel better I can give you a kiss hello. And took me into a bear-hug. Ok… little strange but I guess he was just happy to see me.

To make the next bit more clear I will let you on a secret: he was having his balls waxed. So I put hot wax on him, we were chatting away and as I pulled the strip off he waved his hand in unexpected pain and landed it first on my boob and then moved it down to my waist. Very briefly and we kept laughing and talking throughout but yet, his hand was definitely on my boob even if just for a second. Coincidence?

Actually thinking about it last time I saw him he put his hand on top of mine while I was waxing him. I thought it was just an accident as well but he kept it there for a good 5 minutes. The problem with these things is that he does it in such a subtle way and not at all pervy (and he hasn’t got an erection while doing it either, would be hard to hide it from me at this stage as you can imagine) so I am really confused. Is it just a friendly thing? Does he fancy me? What’s going on?

Oh I hope it’s not going to get awkward!

Real estate HELL

I am trying to move a flat. Should’ve been a straight forward task. I remember it being easy 3 years ago. What the hell have happened to the market since?

First of all it seems like none of the estate agents understand the meaning of numbers anymore. I called a few and said that we are looking for 1-2 bedrooms for a maximum price of 800 and all of them immediately go ” we have a really nice 2 beds for 950/875/1000″  One of us must be crazy, but didn’t I just say 800? The fact that you offer me more expensive property doesn’t mean that I will miraculously change my mind, or get a pay rise.

Then despite the fact that neither of them seem to have any properties available (therefore they can’t be exceptionally busy) they never get around to updating their websites. So in fact I can find around 100 suitable apartments online, but they have actually been taken 3 month ago. Surely professional organisation should have someone maintaining their listings slightly more often than once every 3 month. How hard can it be to delete the property?

Then there is my flatmate who is as useless as they come. First of all he doesn’t want to move at all because he doesn’t mind living in a basement (and if I have to spend another summer here I’ll kill myself), secondly he doesn’t want to move into the area where I want to be because at the moment it takes him 20 minutes to get to work. And it doesn’t seem fair to him that I want to move about 5 minutes away from my work which will only add 10 min to his journey, despite the fact that for the last 6 month I had to take 2 trains every day twice a day, and for a year and a half before that it used to take me over an hour on a good day and on some occasions 2.5 hours to get to work. And I never complained once. 10 extra minutes? Give me a break!

And the worst part is that he wouldn’t even tell me anything instead he’d be dragging the whole thing and wouldn’t call the agents and wouldn’t look at properties and the whole truth would only come up when I pin his balls to the wall! God, I really do hate men!!!

In fact yesterday I got so angry at him that I started looking at flatshares with the intention of dumping him in his precious basement in front of his 3 computers, laptop and i-pad with his headphones on and dirty clothes in the corner. But then I remembered that my cousin is coming to stay with me for 2 month so flatshare isn’t really going to work.



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